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license info: Sport massage licenced

Swedish Massage
This is a type of massage that aims on the usual body starting the day fresh or life’s daily tiredness and to be freed from stress. If the manipulations are done gently then it is named as relax (calming) massage. In addition, if percussion manipulations are added and they are done harder then it is called a Sports massage. The muscles are taken into hand and done separately with massage oil.

Deep Tissue Massage
It is a therapeutic massage done with special manipulations to muscle groups with problems. The massage therapist treats the aimed muscles using manipulations with excess pressure and assures the person to rest.

Thai massage
It is a very effective massage type for physical sicknesses and energy balance regulations. It is one of Thailand’s traditional art of healing. It is done on a half hard floor bed with light clothing and without using any oils. It is a massage uses a lot of stretching, point pressure, tension and soft swinging actions

Shiatsu Massage
Shiatsu is a very old Japanese origin healing method and massage that come from the Far East. It is applied by giving pressure to the acupuncture point in the body. It is done like the Thai massage on a half-hard floor bed without oil. Watsu is Water and comes from the word Shiatsu. It is done in warm water. Watsu provides the blocked energy flow to be released and to be relaxed.
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