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bu ilanı beğen Professional Massage. Man to man (Istanbul) bu ilanı gizle göster

license info: Sport massage licenced

Hello / Merhaba,

My skills and qualities:
Open & conscious minded, original, nudist, naturist, professional male massage therapist and trainer. Holistic therapist. Ayurvedic, Aromatic, Relax, Sport, Deep Tissue, Shiatsu, Thai and Reflexology massages for your desires and calmness

The only difference of this short massage that takes close to 30 minutes from the classic massage is that it is only applied to the back, leg for 30 minutes

Full body integrative massage combining principles of Massage, somatic and bodywork techniques. It is totally nude, both, but no erotic. for one hour 40 USD

Tantra is the art of touch, exchanging energy and being present Tantra focuses on the physical, mental and sprituel awareness. Tantra is not having sex but taking pure pleasure and healing
This massage begins as a gentle bodywork, to relax your body and it will gradually become more sensual and intimate. the aim of this massage is to build up your erotic energy which is distributed throughout the entire body and is brought into harmony with your heart. for one hour
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